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The Web of Preaching

New Options In Homiletic Method

Preaching is not as simple as it may appear. The preacher today is confronted with a dizzying array of homiletic methods and approaches, each holding important insights into how to proclaim the Good News. While pastors wish to learn from these different ways of preaching, they often do not know where to begin (Who are the best representatives of a given approach? How do the different methods relate to one another? How has the preaching scene changed in recent years?). In The Web of Preaching, Richard Eslinger addresses these and other questions about contemporary approaches to preaching. Surveying the most important current theories of preaching, he argues that no homiletic method can be understood on its own. The different schools of thought on preaching all intersect at such common points as Scripture, narrative, and the role of preaching in worship. A strength in one compensates for a weakness in another, and seen together they form one comprehensive "web of preaching." This book is a follow-up to Eslinger's earlier A New Hearing, which has been a standard text in preaching courses since its publication in 1987.

This unfolding is a location of “dynamic equilibrium,” a stasis born when
opposing forces are made equal.”130 Lowry's description of the concluding stage
of the homiletical plot concludes, It could be called “settling in to tomorrow.” The
focus ...

Web Warriors

Dimension X

After penetrating a top-secret zone of the Virtual Network where no one has ever entered before, Tech, a teenage cyber-whiz, discovers that he has attracted the dangerous attention of a powerful cadre of people who will do anything to gain control of his secrets. Original.

But tucked neatly inside each chamber was a black program, faceted as a finely
cut diamond, that seemed not so much in storage, as in stasis or hibernation —
just waiting to be awakened and transferred to sites and cybercraft throughout the

Studi strategis dalam transformasi sistem internasional pesca perang dingin

Negara - negara sedang berkembang hanya menjadi sasaran dari arus
informasi global . Arus informasi global yang ... Introduksi dan pemasaran suatu
produk atau jasa dapat dilakukan serempak hampir di seluruh dunia . 3 .
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Buku kenangan pengabdian Mayor Jenderal TNI (Purn) Ir. H. Pranoto Asmoro: Dari survei dan pemetaan ke sistem informasi geografis

Festschrift in honor of Pranoto Asmoro, founder of Indonesian National Coordination Agency for Surveys and Mapping.

PENGEMBANGAN DAN PENGELOLAAN ... Konstruksi dan pemantauan
pembangunan > Pengoperasian dan pemeliharaan aset dan sarana umum >
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Sistem moneter dan perbankan di Indonesia

Monetary policy and banking system in Indonesia.

Instrumen - instrumen yang biasa digunakan dalam menjalankan kebijakan
kuantitatif adalah Pengaturan Tingkat Bunga dan Tingkat Diskonto ( rediscount
rate policy ) , Pengaturan Operasi Pasar Terbuka ( open market operation ) , dan