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Becoming a Digital Library

This excellent reference traces the construction and maintenance of the digital collections and services that have been available day in and day out to users worldwide for more than a decade. It examines applicable guidelines for any library looking to build and manage systems, conduct and evaluate projects, and scout new directions for mainstreami

Cornell is a young university, chartered in 1868 through the impetus of an
inventor and entrepreneur. On the university's Inauguration Day, Ezra Cornell
declared: "Finally, I trust we have laid the foundation of an University — an
institution ...

Becoming Georgia

In order to hold on to her Arizona gold mine, wild frontier girl Georgie Kennedy must remain in Chicago for one year with her surly Grandpa, trade in her spurs for petticoats, and marry a conservative simpleton, but the arrival of sexy lawyer Cougar Barnes just might be her salvation. Original.

A few girls looked longingly at the boys' escapades from where the preacher's
wife and the schoolteacher led them in games suitable for young ladies. An
entrepreneur peddled cool drinks — "Almost cold as ice!" he boasted, though
everyone ...