Joyce's Web

The Social Unraveling of Modernism

. . . some of the finest, most politically sensitive and informed feminist criticism yet published on Joyce. . . . it will have a major impact on the field of Joyce studies . . . --Vicki Mahaffey, ass


cooperation that challenges both Bloom's and Gilbert and Gubar's antagonistic models of rejection. Moore's dialogue with Stevens offer a fresh picture of cross-gender poetic influence that questions t

The Web of the Universe

Jung, the "new Physics" and Human Spirituality

Draws on Jungian psychology and contemporary physics to explore the interrelatedness of spirituality, psychology, and science

Spirit of the Web

The Age of Information from Telegraph to Internet

Chosen by The Globe and Mail as "Required Reading for 1997," and now revised and updated in a new trade paperback edition, Spirit of the Web tells the story of the evolution of the ways we communicate

The Fragile Web: Interpretation as Subject in Contemporary Fiction

Writing for the World Wide Web

Designed to help readers make the transition from writing for a print to an electronic culture, this book shows how to write for the World Wide Web. It illustrates the basic elements of style for writ

Web Warriors

Dimension X

After penetrating a top-secret zone of the Virtual Network where no one has ever entered before, Tech, a teenage cyber-whiz, discovers that he has attracted the dangerous attention of a powerful cadre

How the Web was Won

How Bill Gates and His Internet Idealists Transformed the Microsoft Empire

Recounts Microsoft's rise to success and virtual Internet takeover.

The World Wide Web Unleashed

The World Wide Web is the future of the Internet. It is already the dominant platform for new commercial and creative activity on the Internet. Here is a comprehensive guide to using Web tools like Mo

The Internet & World Wide Web, Version 2.0

The Rough Guide

"The Rough Guide will make you an Internet guru in the shortest possible time. In plain English, with no hint of techie jargon, it explains how to find anything, anywhere - the easy way, send email me

Web of Words

The Ideas Behind Politics

A collection of essays, which attempt to probe the hidden assumptions by which we live. The author delves into history, psychology and the more esoteric fringes of theology to try to explain why we go

The normalization of unstable, insecure Web design employment